Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gérard Depardieu

"It's odd that people should feel so shocked by Depardieu's decision. After all, in escaping from a messy, expensive democracy to a cheaper and simpler autocracy, the actor is only doing what thousands of Western multinational corporations do every day by moving their factories to China and their management to the United Arab Emirates.

For example, when it invests in China, a company like Apple can reap all the benefits of totalitarianism - streamlined governance, low wages and no labor unrest - at the same time as it opts out of the abuses, restrictions and indignities faced by ordinary Chinese people.

Depardieu has done the same thing."

(Vadim Nikitin,  International Herald Tribune, 9/1)


  1. Depardieu faz o pleno da blogosfera tornando-se como que o único assunto merecedor de atenção. É o dono que morde o cão. Ou, na versão de Roland Barthes, o carro que é transformado em barco quando as cheias assolam a aldeia e que desperta a curiosidade dos transeuntes...