Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Duas maneiras de a Índia se olhar

Kamal Nath, quando Ministro do Comércio, durante uma reunião com a União Europeia, numa tirada de simpatia:

"If we are emergent countries, then there are surely submergent countries..."

Dipankar Gupta, o desmancha - prazeres:

"The idea is that the West will stand still while we are in overdrive. However if that were to happen our growth would slow down perceptibly, for so much of it is dependent on America and Europe. India does not have the purchasing power within to grow autarkically, unaffected by the ups and the downs around it (...). The shocks of 2008 in terms of inflation and the bearish stock market might induce a sense of reality to these roseate projections".

O futuro próximo dirá quem tem razão...

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