Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dipankar Gupta "The Caged Phoenix-Can India Fly?"

Um livro estimulante e contra a corrente. Cito dois parágrafos:

"India not only assaults the senses but it also appears to leave a deep impress on the intellect, perhaps even confounding it. Not just the dilettante who tends to hit and write, but also those who have spent a lifetime working on India often confess, without embarrassment, that they know so little about this country. After all, India is stubbornly and impenetrably exotic. The commentators extenuate their indolence and lack of analytical rigour by labelling Indians as strange and inscrutable folks. They are not open, normal,and rational like normal people. Hence, the eager confession, made with a self deprecatory smile, that nobody can really understand India (...)
Can we dare to go against such a dominant stream of thought and argue that India is not really exotic?"

A ler, absolutamente. Penguin Books, 2009.

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