Sunday, June 6, 2010

Um poema de Eunice de Souza

aos meus amigos goeses


No, I'm not going to
delve deep down and discover
I'm really de Souza Prabhu
even if Prabhu was no fool
and got the best of both worlds.
(Catholic Brahmin!
I can hear his fat chuckle still.)

No matter that
my name is Greek
my surname Portuguese
my language alien.

There are ways
of belonging.

I belong with the lame ducks.

I heard it said
my parents wanted a boy.
I've done my best to qualify.
I hid the bloodstains
on my clothes
and let my breasts sag.
Words the weapon
to crucify.

Eunice de Souza

1 comment:

  1. There are ways
    of belonging.

    Wonderful. Acrescentaria que, para alguns goeses profundamente incomodados com estes plurais "ways of belonging" inerentes à condição humana (e, em particular, à goesa), a agenda é a de alimentar a ilusão dos "ways of disbelonging".