Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quando os alemães se viram gregos

"Keynes revealed  /in The Economic Consequences of Peace, 1920/  that France's main intention was to ensure that Germany was reduced to a nation of rustic paupers, while the French and Italians had a secondary aim: to bail out their bankrupt economics. Never mind that Germany was itself bankrupt, that bankruptcy had led to its surrender, and that it was in no position to raise the funds through taxation or borrowing. Keynes pointed to the vengeful Allied populations whose lust for revenge was so strong that "a figure for Germany's prospective capacity to pay ... would have fallen hopelessly far short of popular expectations". The sum the treaty insisted on was beyond Germany's means. "Germany has in effect engaged herself to hand over to the Allies the whole of her surplus production in perpetuity". Keynes's verdict was that the treaty "skins Germany alive year by year" and that the treaty would prove to be "one of the most outrageous acts of a cruel victor in civilized history."

( in Nicholas Wapshott, Keynes - Hayek, the clash that defined modern economics)

Conhecem a continuação desta história?



  1. Levei a vida inteira dividida entre os dois... e agora, helas, apanho a sra Merkel no seu melhor!

  2. E eu entre o Marx e o Keynes - encontramo-nos portanto no Sir John Maynard's Pub!